Friday, February 5, 2016


An old Irish craft blessing. 
May your paint not be clumpy and your brush feel like new.
I hope the paper lays flat without bubbles from the glue.
Let the ribbons tie perfect and the glitter shine bright.
Best of luck that your crafting turns out just right. 

Come see what the Ivy Cottage has in their booth at the Quilted Bear in the New Gate Mall. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Santa Baby

Santa claus is coming to town!!! In fact he just arrived at the New Gate Mall's Quilted bear. Get on Santa's Nice List every year with this kit on your fireplace!  ;)


Stars in the sky, one burning bright.
A Savior is born late in the night.
The reason for me to celebrate joy.
The reason is clearly this baby boy.

The newest Joy kit to remind us the reason for the season now available at The Quilted Bear in the New Gate Mall.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Time is Here

The Ivy Cottage located inside of the New Gate Mall's Quilted Bear is stocked full of the most holly jolly kits you can dream up! We have paints, glitters, ribbons, papers, vinyl and all that cheer to make up some of the cutest Christmas and Winter decorations you can dream of.

We try really hard to keep all of our kits in stock, but they sometimes fly off the shelves as quickly as we are putting them on there. So if we happen to be out of any of your favorite kits please let the ladies at the registers know and they can get one ordered in just for you!

We love to see your finished kits too! So please send us a pic of your finished kit and we just might feature you on our blog and brag about how amazing our customers are. And it's true! You ALL have inspired us so much!
Send Pic of your finished designs to, we love to see how you make your kits unique to you! It's our most favorite thing about our little business!!!

Now grab a cup of hot cocoa and get inspired!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crafting for Conference weekend

Conference weekend is sneaking up on us and is the perfect time for some Fall and Halloween crafting!! We have some super cute kits out that will be perfect for a Ghouls night IN and even some crafts for your little pumpkins to do.

We have the cutest Halloween papers, ribbons, glitter and everything you need to make your crafts perfect and fun just for you!

Who doesn't love a good Zombie in their life?  We are a Zombie loving family! If you see the black Zombie Hunting Explorer driving around Ogden, wave hello to my son and his family. I had to make a kit that reminds me of that cute guy. (And I must say it turned out so cute!) 

 We also have a cute selection of Light Boxes inside the Quilted Bear. Including this Ghost light box, a Witch Box, and a darling little Pumpkin light box!
A really good tip when making these, the color of paper or paint you use on the inside really changes the feeling to it! There are so many fun ways to liven them up and make them truly unique to you!
This sample has purple paper on the inside.
The Pumpkin below has yellow paper to give it a golden glow. They both look great, but give a different feeling!
 This is super fun and super easy to make for a quick conference weekend craft. You can add something like this onto a Deco Mesh wreath or leave it like this and it looks so dang cute either way!!
 The newest addition to our Witch Kit Collection. Isn't it so cute? We used paper on the hair, but it would look super cute with raffia hair as well!
The spells wands are the perfect addition to your Halloween display!! These are fun for little ones to make as well! We have an Eek kit and a spider kit that your little pumpkins would love to make and are super easy! My 5 year old grand daughter loves making the Spiders!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Frankie is back!

I was working in the lab late one night 
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight 
For my monster from his slab began to rise 
And suddenly to my surprise 

He did the mash 
He did the monster mash 
The monster mash 
It was a graveyard smash 
He did the mash 
It caught on in a flash 
He did the mash 
He did the monster mash 

Every single time I look at our Frankie Design by Simply Kelly, this song pops into my head! Isn't he just the cutest!?! He's back this year 
and ready to come home with you! It's going to be a bash making him up!! 

Halloween and Fall Kits!

We have so many of our most popular Halloween and Fall Kits out at the Quilted Bear inside the New Gate Mall.

Nothing makes us more excited than decorating for Halloween! It is so much fun!!! We just know that you will love these kits! We have paper, glitters, vinyl and everything else that you need to make these kits yours and Bootiful!!!!