Friday, November 30, 2012

More kits!

This is our Elf kit! We have a lot of people requesting this kit! These tend to go fast so come get yours today!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis the Season

To craft, craft, craft! We have full shelves of Christmasy goodness! Our most popular kits from last season and a couple new kits are in & oh so joyful! We have new papers, ribbons, & everything you need to give your kits a unique Holiday Sparkle! We have colors from bright and traditional to old and rustic! We even have some beautiful rustic grunge LED candles in that look Beautiful next to any kit or inside a decked out lantern, and yes we just so happen to have a few lanterns hangin around in our boutique too. 
Our Santa Kits are super fun! They come with a Nice list that makes it so much fun to add family names on the list! 

 Jingle is one of our most popular kits! These look so fun rustic or bright! Get some wire and some bells and you have yourself the cutest Christmas decoration in the neighborhood!!

We have four different Christmas Countdowns this year! They are so cute! The Tree is very popular this year!

These look beautiful on a fireplace mantle or big shelf. They are very versatile and the possibilities are endless with them!

Another very fun Christmas countdown favorite! These seem to be the perfect surprise for those special little children in your life & make a fun yearly tradition!

 Santa's little Elves see EVERYTHING! Our little elves are new to the store this year! We just love them!!!

 These come in three different sizes and the possibilities are endless with them! You can make garlands that say Joy, embellish them with ribbons, or throw some vinyl on em! So cute and so easy to make up!!!
 We also have our Large Nativity Set back this year, along with several other Nativities ranging from small enough to put on a wreath to these bigger ones! They are the perfect reminder of why we celebrate this amazing holiday. He is the Reason!
 Our Penguin Kit is perfect for Christmas time and you can keep them up through January!

 Our cute little Rudolph is also a very popular kit this year! You don't even have to use paper to make these up! Just paint him up and he looks great! We love this little Rudy!
Our Santa kits are back! These are so much fun to make up!! 

Winter Quads are back! They are perfect because you can do an Autumn side to it and it's perfect for saving space! Don't you just love these? Can't wait to be walking in a winter wonderland! Hoping soon! 

These are also perfect for the entire winter season! The word kits are wonderful because you really can make them so unique! The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating these up!

We have a great selection of papers and ribbons in and all sorts of fun Christmasy goodness! We try so hard to keep our papers up to date on our sample pictures, but occasionally we don't have the exact papers in! We are so sorry for the inconvenience when that happens! Thank you so much!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Our Thanksgiving Kits will soon be available in the store! Here is a sneak peak at what you will be seeing on the shelves of the Ivy Cottage! Table Top Turkey is available for Pre Order for $35! 

                           By the way, we are so Thankful for amazing customers and friends like you!!! 
I was working in the lab late one night 
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight 
For my monster from his slab began to rise 
And suddenly to my surprise 

He did the mash 
He did the monster mash 
The monster mash 
It was a graveyard smash 
He did the mash 
It caught on in a flash 
He did the mash 
He did the monster mash 

Every single time I look at our new Frankie Design by Simply Kelly, this song pops into my head! We saw him and knew he needed to be made into a wood kit and become part of our Monster family!! Isn't he just the cutest!?! He's in stock and ready to come home with you! It's going to be a bash making him up!! $18.95

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Etsy Store

Our Etsy store is now up!! We are working on getting all of your favorite kits in the Etsy shop so now you can shop and create in your Pajamas! It really doesn't get better than that, does it? We didn't think so either! Don't forget to get on our Facebook and show us pics of your kits once they are finished! We loooove to see how your kits turn out!!

Come Party!!!

We are excited to announce that we are going to have a REAL Psychic at our Witch Party on Saturday (Oct. 6th)! So not only will we have yummies, a photo op, create and take crafts, discounts, and prizes we will now have Tawna Burcham a true Medium/Psychic to do readings that night!!! We are so excited!!!
So don't miss out on all the fun! You have to come and see all the fun-ness (yes that is a word....) we have going on at the Ivy Cottage this Saturday!!

Halloween Countdown Calenders

It's not too late to make these Halloween Countdown Calenders! We have a ton of Halloween Paper to choose from and even more going on the rack this week, not to mention glitters, ribbon and bats!!!! These are seriously so much fun and so easy to make. They are perfect to get your crafting fix or fill that empty spot on your shelf! You will love showing these off! 

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Don't forget about our Night for Witchcrafts this Saturday, October 6th from 6-9.  We have some gift cards waiting for the best dressed witch, best cackle, best hat and much more fun!!!

We will have the following crafts available to make that night too!!! It's going to be a real riot! Can't wait to see you there!!

Witches Brew Pot $8 comes with everything you will need to make this!

Potions & Spells Book $10, every Witch needs one of these!
Witch Hats

Friday, September 28, 2012

Come get your Witch on Saturday October 6 from 6-9 for our Night of WitchCrafts party at the store! 
There is much fun to be hag....errr we mean had!!! Come dressed in full costume and receive 25% off or just wear a Witch hat and receive 15% off.

 Grab your favorite Witches because this is going to be the best Ghouls Night Out ever! We will have several craft projects for you to choose from! Keep checking back for a list of crafts we will be doing! There will be yummy treats, discounts, contests and fun photo ops!!! 

The Witch hat that bedazzles us the most will win a $25 gift card, so come in your best hat! (We are selling some amazing Ribbon right now at the store that is perfect for decorating hats, just in case you were curious!)
Best Cackle of the night will win a prize and if you can cackle like a Witch.....well we are jealous!!! 
The Best dressed Witch will receive a $50 gift card, so start planning!!!!

We have so many fun thing planned for the evening and we can't wait to see you there!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Class Schedule

We had so many requests to bring classes back. We just couldn't resist you all any longer! So here is our Fall Class Schedule! We hope you come and have a great time! We are pretty sure you are just going to FALL absolutely in love with the kits for each class!  

Our First Class is on September 29th at 11 am
Cost is $30 and covers everything you will need to make up these kits! 
2 Sided Quad Kit  Harvest and Winter
These are really cute and fun to make and you get to keep them out through Winter as well! 

Two Sided Quad Kits Sept 29th

No classes will be held on October 6th, but we will be having our 1st Annual WitchCrafts Night! 
I will be reposting more details on it! 

Oct. 13th  11:00 am
Cost is $30
Pumpkin Light Box
Our Light Boxes are a fun twist to the traditional Jack-O-Lantern! 

Pumpkin Light Box Kit

Oct. 20th 11:00 am
Cost is  $65
Table top Turkey
This little guy is an absolute favorite for classes every year! Class will fill up VERY fast so be sure to sign up early to save your spot! We probably won't be doing a second class for him this year, so make sure you register now so you don't miss out! 

Table Top Turkey Kits

His socks are REAL SOCKS!!! So cute!!!

Oct 27th  11:00 am
Pilgrim Couple

**Classes must be paid for at least ONE week prior to hold your spot. You can do this over the phone for a $1.00 processing fee or come in and we can get you registered here for free.  Please feel free to bring your drinks and treats to share with the class and make it a party!  Call 801-731-8343 to register. **

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween Kits

We have a bunch of last year's favorite kits and tons of new kits for the Halloween Season on our shelves. We have so many cute scrapbook papers and more that should be getting in anytime too! So much fun! 
Our Haunted light box kit is completely unique to the Ivy Cottage. We have not seen anything like this anywhere! We are so proud of this design! The A is a Haunted house light box. You can use tea light candles or buy a light kit to add to it. We sell the light kits here for a great price! We will be posting a tutorial soon on doing these kits and hopefully it will give you so me fun tips and tricks! 
Do these little birdies look familiar to you? We have taken our Bird trio kit and made them into some harvest cuteness! These favorite kits are perfect to use anytime of the year and we just loved making them into crows for fall!! You should come in and get your set! We have tons of great black paper and raffia to really add that special touch to these! 
The Witch Pot Kits are a favorite from last year that we have brought back! The possibilities with this kit are endless! It's not really Halloween with out a Cauldron, right?! 
If the Shoes fit buy em and hang em on your door!!! As you might have gathered we really love Witches at the Ivy Cottage! This door hanger is absolutely one of our favorite kits yet! So much fun to decorate! 

Holiday Hours

Our Holiday Hours are back! We are now opened Tues - Fri from 11-6 and Sat 10-3! So come in any time and see our new Autumn and Halloween kits! They are sooo cute and we have a huge selection of kits to choose from! You will love what we have on the shelves right now! 

Autumn Kits

Our Pumpkin Trio kits are in and selling fast! These are so easy and fun to make! We have tons of paint, tulle, orange paper and everything you would want to make your set compliment you the very best! What says fall more than a Pumpkin Patch! 

Our Autumn Kits are so much fun to make and you can use just about any kind of paper on these to represent what says "Autumn" to you! 
Everyone seem to be "falling" in love with our Pumpkin door hangers!! These are so cute and extremely easy to make!!! Don't forget to grab some Vinyl to throw on! We have the Welcome vinyl in or many other great Autumny sayings to choose from! These are great to make alone or with your favorite crafter!

We are looking forward to seeing you drift into the store soon!

A Night of WitchCrafts!

Come get your Witch on Saturday October 6 from 6-9 for our Night of WitchCrafts party at the store! 
There is much fun to be hag....errr we mean had!!! Come dressed in full costume and receive 25% off or just wear a Witch hat and receive 15% off.

 Grab your favorite Witches because this is going to be the best Ghouls Night Out ever! We will have several craft projects for you to choose from! Keep checking back for a list of crafts we will be doing! There will be yummy treats, discounts, contests and fun photo ops!!! 

The Witch hat that bedazzles us the most will win a prize, so come in your best hat! (We are selling some amazing Ribbon right now at the store that is perfect for decorating hats, just in case you were curious!)
Best Cackle of the night will win a prize and if you can cackle like a Witch.....well we are jealous!!! 
We'll also be looking for the best Broom in the room and can't wait to see your decorated brooms, who knows you just might get a prize for having the best ride! (Sorry, this year we couldn't get brooms in time, but they are usually pretty easy to find at Halloween stores) We can't wait to see your charming faces and play! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Howdy there pretty ladies! We roped in our newest kits!  You wont find anything like this cute kit anywhere in the area...unless some buckaroos steal it! ;)
These are perfect for rodeo and fair days, let's face it Rodeos make summer special!  We are all about celebrating the things that make life fun and exciting and these kits definitely showoff that feeling!  These look great sitting on a fireplace mantel or on a shelf all summer long for the country family!  

Days of 47

It's not too late to come in & get your Pioneer Day Kits!  We really like the Days of 47 kits & have had customers customize them a little by putting decals with their last names or welcome instead of the Days of 47 decal to keep out all year round!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Customers Kits!

We just have to brag about how stinking cute this turned out! We love to see the hard work our customers put into their kits! This turned out so darling Lisa!!!

I love Utah

Sometimes I wonder what it must have felt like to pack up your entire family and travel far away while battling weather, illnesses, and other causes of trepidation to find a land of freedom to live our beliefs. Our ancestors made a scary journey and with out them we couldn't have the things and faith we have now. I'm so grateful that we have this wonderful State! 
So much diversity and people from all over the world who have made a home around these beautiful mountains! Utah is a place for everyone! I must say I completely agree with B.Y. when he said, "This is the right place."

Thursday, July 5, 2012


We truly love this beautiful State we live in! What's not to love? It's breathtaking and has so much wonderful history! And to celebrate this incredible land we have made some kits to show off our Utah pride! These are hand cut and are absolutely one of a kind! You will not find any kits like these anywhere else! We are so proud of this design! I have had customers tell me this is perfect for their homes all year around! That has tickled us so much! We really believe that it's important to love this great state and show pride for where you live! The fabulous thing about this kit is that you can interpret what the state means to you! What are YOUR favorite things about living here? What makes you proud to be a Utahn? These are all things that you can put into making your kit! I can't wait to see pictures of your finished kits! Get on Facebook and send us your pictures!
Check back soon to see some more Utah and pioneer kits! 

Thanks so much! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh Boy!!

We have some new extremely cute kits just for your special little man! We have added a really cute Robot kit and our very own Shark design kit! These are so dang cute for little boys! They are perfect for any baby nursery or little boys room! We plan on adding more boy kits to our shop so make sure to check back with us often!

I am a Robot! For some reason little boys love their Robots! And us mamas love our little boys, so why not make that special little guy a cute Robot for his room! He will love it!

Oh yes you read that right...we said Shark kit! And it's the perfect way to celebrate Shark week which is coming up this summer! So if you are one of those Shark week fanatics (don't worry we won't tell if you are) here is a count down for all the Fun? and Festivities? well we don't know exactly how to describe it, but all we know is that people sure love their Shark week on the Discovery Channel so here's a countdown just for you!
Plus these are so cute for a boys room! Or even in your living room for summer time fun! We love them!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ce Ce Caldwell

We have great news! Our Ce Ce Caldwell paint line has finally started to arrive! We have 15 fabulous colors and a bunch more to come! Not only do we have the paints, but we also have the wax in both clear and aged!
The paint is a very reasonable $36.95 a Quart and the wax is $26.95, again very reasonable prices for such a fantastic line.  This stuff is so much fun to use the colors are very vibrant, Eco Friendly and really bring a whole new element to your crafting. We have really had a blast refinishing shelves and furniture with the Ce Ce paints and they look great on our wood kits as well! The possibilities are endless! And we are an exclusive retailer for the whole state of Utah! Yay! We have so many fun things to come using this new line! You won't want to miss out cuz you will love them! In fact we are so sure you will love these paints that we are removing our It's a girl thing section and we will be adding more and more products from Ce Ce Caldwell! Be excited! :) 
Family Script painted with Ce Ce paint line! So fun to use and finishes beautifully! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation Gift

We thought this was absolutely perfect for your High School graduate! My wish for you is that these kits will make an impact on your life the way that you have made an impact on us. Come on in to get your kit! Graduation is just around the corner!

Newest Kits of the Cottage

We have so so many different kits in the store! We can honestly say there is something for everyone in here right now! So we wanted to share with you some of these awesome kits, a lot of them are kits that our very own customers have requested we get! All of our designs are original and drawn up with lots of love (yes I just said that).  We will continue to update the blog with more pictures and please feel free to come on in and see the cuteness for yourself!

This surfer kit is brought to you by popular demand!!! We are so glad we had such a big response to the idea of a Surf kit and it was so much fun for us to draw up! We hope you love it as much as we do!
Love these special summer kits! 
Perfect for any rooster lover, wouldn't ya say?! Again, another customer favorite! 
I absolutely love Utah! I can't imagine living anywhere else! This kit really makes me think of home and I think that feeling really conveys with this! 
We love Dragonflies! There are so many color options, glitters, and embellishments of all sorts that really make this kit fun to make! 
What little girl wouldn't want this fun plaque in her room?