Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis the Season

To craft, craft, craft! We have full shelves of Christmasy goodness! Our most popular kits from last season and a couple new kits are in & oh so joyful! We have new papers, ribbons, & everything you need to give your kits a unique Holiday Sparkle! We have colors from bright and traditional to old and rustic! We even have some beautiful rustic grunge LED candles in that look Beautiful next to any kit or inside a decked out lantern, and yes we just so happen to have a few lanterns hangin around in our boutique too. 
Our Santa Kits are super fun! They come with a Nice list that makes it so much fun to add family names on the list! 

 Jingle is one of our most popular kits! These look so fun rustic or bright! Get some wire and some bells and you have yourself the cutest Christmas decoration in the neighborhood!!

We have four different Christmas Countdowns this year! They are so cute! The Tree is very popular this year!

These look beautiful on a fireplace mantle or big shelf. They are very versatile and the possibilities are endless with them!

Another very fun Christmas countdown favorite! These seem to be the perfect surprise for those special little children in your life & make a fun yearly tradition!

 Santa's little Elves see EVERYTHING! Our little elves are new to the store this year! We just love them!!!

 These come in three different sizes and the possibilities are endless with them! You can make garlands that say Joy, embellish them with ribbons, or throw some vinyl on em! So cute and so easy to make up!!!
 We also have our Large Nativity Set back this year, along with several other Nativities ranging from small enough to put on a wreath to these bigger ones! They are the perfect reminder of why we celebrate this amazing holiday. He is the Reason!
 Our Penguin Kit is perfect for Christmas time and you can keep them up through January!

 Our cute little Rudolph is also a very popular kit this year! You don't even have to use paper to make these up! Just paint him up and he looks great! We love this little Rudy!
Our Santa kits are back! These are so much fun to make up!! 

Winter Quads are back! They are perfect because you can do an Autumn side to it and it's perfect for saving space! Don't you just love these? Can't wait to be walking in a winter wonderland! Hoping soon! 

These are also perfect for the entire winter season! The word kits are wonderful because you really can make them so unique! The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating these up!

We have a great selection of papers and ribbons in and all sorts of fun Christmasy goodness! We try so hard to keep our papers up to date on our sample pictures, but occasionally we don't have the exact papers in! We are so sorry for the inconvenience when that happens! Thank you so much!

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