Thursday, July 5, 2012


We truly love this beautiful State we live in! What's not to love? It's breathtaking and has so much wonderful history! And to celebrate this incredible land we have made some kits to show off our Utah pride! These are hand cut and are absolutely one of a kind! You will not find any kits like these anywhere else! We are so proud of this design! I have had customers tell me this is perfect for their homes all year around! That has tickled us so much! We really believe that it's important to love this great state and show pride for where you live! The fabulous thing about this kit is that you can interpret what the state means to you! What are YOUR favorite things about living here? What makes you proud to be a Utahn? These are all things that you can put into making your kit! I can't wait to see pictures of your finished kits! Get on Facebook and send us your pictures!
Check back soon to see some more Utah and pioneer kits! 

Thanks so much! 

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