Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ce Ce Caldwell

We have great news! Our Ce Ce Caldwell paint line has finally started to arrive! We have 15 fabulous colors and a bunch more to come! Not only do we have the paints, but we also have the wax in both clear and aged!
The paint is a very reasonable $36.95 a Quart and the wax is $26.95, again very reasonable prices for such a fantastic line.  This stuff is so much fun to use the colors are very vibrant, Eco Friendly and really bring a whole new element to your crafting. We have really had a blast refinishing shelves and furniture with the Ce Ce paints and they look great on our wood kits as well! The possibilities are endless! And we are an exclusive retailer for the whole state of Utah! Yay! We have so many fun things to come using this new line! You won't want to miss out cuz you will love them! In fact we are so sure you will love these paints that we are removing our It's a girl thing section and we will be adding more and more products from Ce Ce Caldwell! Be excited! :) 
Family Script painted with Ce Ce paint line! So fun to use and finishes beautifully! 

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