Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aloha Summer kits!

We are welcoming Sunshine with our newest Summer kits! I think we have come up with some really fun and very unique kits for the Cottage! We are so very excited to introduce them to you! We love them so much we just might make even more summer kits!!! Surfing kits anyone? 

 Is there really any better way to welcome Sunshine and Summer time with these fun Hibiscus Hanger kits? I don't think so!!!

 We think that these Splash kits are well....Making a splash at the store! Come get your kit today!
 You won't find a Summer Kit quite like this one! So much fun to put together and so many cute things you can do to really make them unique to you!
 Who doesn't love flip flops?! Nothing says summer more to us than throwing on a pair of flip flops and heading to the pool! Dontchya agree?
You gotta have some Watermelon with your summer! It's sorta a must for us! We love these kits and you will too! 

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