Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Behind the Ivy Cottage

I have been abundantly blessed with an amazing crew that I love so much and love me enough to work really hard so that I can live one of my dreams! Everything that is cut for my store is done in house by some extremely talented guys and gals! This includes the wood, vinyl and metal! We also design our own stuff and we come up with all the display pieces as well! We are so passionate about what we do and I want you all to meet the people who put all their hard work, sweat, and in my case blood into the Ivy Cottage.

Cris Strank Owner/Desinger/Master mind.  She lives, sleeps (okay not sleeps because she is up all night dreaming up new ideas for growing her business), eats The Ivy Cottage. This is her dream and her dedication and love shows when she works!

Ed Strank my Amour and Wood Shop Manager.  He is an incredible craftsman! I don't know what I would do with out his hard work and talent!
Skyler Strank Metal Shop Manager. This kid's patience and skills are mind blowing to us!  I shouldn't say kid because he really is a grown man, but you know me he is still my baby!

Jim Strank Shop Associate. Jim has been a strong asset to our shop team. He is such a great worker! 
Judy Strank Design Associate. Judy is crazy talented! She can visualize exactly what we need and is extremely dedicated to the success of The Ivy Cottage! 

Trish Strank is our multi media manager. She is the one who comes up with the words! She is always able to convey the words I want to say to my customers! 

Thank you for stopping by our blog today and meeting my crew! We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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