Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Summer fun!

Well before we leave to soak up some sun in California (okay fine it's actually going to be sunnier at home) I thought I'd share some more sunshine with you all!
Our Seasonal plaques look darling on easels or even better, inside our square wreaths! Not only do we have cute summer designs, but we have something for every month & you will have a lot of fun making these up! This is the perfect way to welcome friends into your home!

Stackable blocks. That's all I need to say! These are the most popular and timeless home decor! You can make them to fit any season or have them be part of your everyday decorating! They are a lot of fun to make at craft parties! Very easy to make and you will get so many compliments on them! Don't forget you can buy your papers and decals from our store to give them any look you want!
As always we are so excited to have you stop in!  Hope to see you soon!

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